Bellenger Consulting is a Sydney based change management consultancy with a scalable team depending on client requirements.

We deliver end to end on change programmes from strategy to execution.

Successful deliveries have been in Financial Services, public service and Not For Profit organisations. 

Our experience extends across technology, productivity, regulation, product, organisational redesign and culture, on programmes of work ranging from $10M to $350M.

We draw on formal change management and learning frameworks and methodologies. We deliver enhanced change leadership capabilities.

Our approach is to dovetail in with existing business as usual and programme teams to optimise take up and usage rates of the change.

The way we do this is to draw out how the change will actually look once embedded and facilitate dialogue between organisational levels so that decisions are optimised during design and build.

Core expertise:

  • ​​strategic planning for change
  • change leadership and coaching
  • blended learning and capability development
  • continuing improvement for change processes
  • consensus building and facilitation
  • project and programme management
  • ​communications
  • ​employee engagement

About us.

Quote of the day.

"We draw on formal change management frameworks and methodologies as well as strong learning backgrounds. Our special focus is capability. We optimise take up and usage rates so that benefits of a business case may be realised."

-Sarah Bellenger, Director

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