Leading change within large programmes and business units is Sarah's passion. Sarah has the ability to make complex strategy simple and relevant to end users, which brings peace of mind to all involved. 

Sarah has 15 years experience working successfully in projects. She has demonstrated expertise in leading formal change strategy, frameworks and delivery. She builds and influences change teams as appropriate for various sectors and change types.

Sarah's flexible and down to earth approach ensures effective and timely engagement of people groups saving time and money and keeping delivery to schedule.

Her commitment to simplification for front line staff and customers is highly valued in particular by service oriented businesses. Her technical strengths extend across:

  • ​​strategic planning
  • change leadership and coaching
  • blended learning and capability development
  • continuing improvement for change processes
  • consensus building and facilitation
  • project and programme management
  • ​communications
  • ​employee engagement
  • social media and ecommerce

About Sarah Bellenger.

Quote of the day.

"Immediate, consistent and public feedback of inner city London school children early in my career taught me effective customer centricity"

-Sarah Bellenger, Director


Sarah  is qualified with a MSc by research from Southern Cross University, a BEd (Hons) fro​m Sydney University and professional teaching and training credentials.

 Connect: M. +61 437236945sarah@bellengerconsulting.com